Friday, July 18, 2008

Woven Headbands!!!

They are finally here! I meant to have these ready forever ago, but my classes are finally finished for the summer and I was determined to get these ready! They'll be in their own section when they are added under the Bows 4 Big Girls section.

There are two sizes available: 1/2" or 1". All of the examples are made with 1/2" headbands.

Here are the patterns!

#1: Original....this has a choice of 4 colors...this example is made with hot pink swiss, white, brown, and limejuice.

#2: Diagonal...this example is made with pink black swiss and black

#3: Diamond...this is made with turquoise and brown

#4: Zig Zag...this is made with white and brown swiss.

And here is a comparison between the 1/2" (bottom) and 1" (top) headbands in the same zig zag pattern:

And here is the one I was asked to make which made me get on the ball to get these others made! This is the diamond pattern with an extra color added. It was made with mod print, limejuice, and then an aqua blue that I have in my scrap ribbon :) This headband is 1".




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