Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Pendants Template!

I am very excited to launch a new template for my pendants! To celebrate, I'm giving away one free pendant! Here are the stipulations!

1. It will be a gold pendant (but you can choose the shape!)
2. I will be taking it to the party next week to use as an example (which is why it needs to be gold because I only wear silver!) and then mail it when it's finished.
3. Email me: support[at]etched2reflect[dot]com for your entry to win the free pendant! Your email should contain:
*Your name
*Your address
*Your picture(s)! (If you want more than one subject on the pendant, both subjects don't have to be on the same picture. I can combine them!)
4. Drawing will be held on Sunday, July 20!




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