Sunday, January 3, 2010

New, New, New!

It's a New Year and time for new products! Here are a few to start!

Newsboy Kufi Hats! These hats are a bit thicker than the regular kufi's and are fitted for toddlers, but can be worn by older infants with room to grow!

Here is my little model braving the 12 degree weather I had her in :) Flowers can be removed!

This little puppy is too cute! Added to the animals page under Bows4Infants.

Here's a Happy Birthday cupcake for the little princess! Added under the Birthday Holiday section.

And, new ribbon choices! For Lil' Grads/Preemies/Itty Bitty Lil' Grads/Ribbon Headbands...

And for the Ribbon Selection page: This has pink butterflies with brown flowers and red hearts




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