Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shipping Update

Oops! I first want to apologize because I posted this message a few days ago and just realized I did it on my personal blog! Due to a huge craft show last weekend, orders will be processed and sent out as soon as possible. Sorry for any delays. Normal shipping times should resume within the next week as I get caught up. This show was my first outside show and it was great! I have one more next month and then I'll be back to my normal schedule.

The kufi hats sold like hot cakes as did the ribbon headbands. I should have some more colors available in the infant kufi's within the next few weeks. It was great to display the hats because some people took them right off the display so we had to put more up, and it was nice seeing the different combinations between the hats and the flower. I will try to get some more samples of different combinations up for those of you who need those visuals like I do :)

Here was my live model-my niece-who was there both days to help! It's from my cell camera. She has on a gray kufi with a black flower from ClipTrendz.




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