Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Kopelyn

Kopelyn is almost 4 weeks old! You'll see a lot of her on the new site in the newborn section. On most of these I was having some fun in photoshop trying new things...mainly because I was hoping those would look better than the originals I took!

I knew Kopelyn was getting baptised soon so I made this custom bow band for her in case she wanted to wear it. It's a sheer layered pinwheel on a lace stretch headband.

Kopelyn has on a pink camo stretch headband with a light pink flower

NEW! These will be making their debut on the new site when it is switched over...soon! This print is a polka dot with a flower attached to the cuff. The hats can have a cuff or be folded under more for a straight look.

Kopelyn in a newborn beanie-she'll be graduating to an infant size because the newborn beanies fit up until 3-4 weeks, which is her age now.




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