Monday, July 7, 2008


I finally decided to add a newsletter subscription to the website! The newsletter will just be a nutshell of information from the previous month or some new information for what's to come! The first newsletter will go out August 1. This is only a once a month newsletter! Feel free to subscribe-I may even have special offers listed in there as well.

On July 31, I will hold a drawing for all subscribers to date. The winner will receive 3 free bows of their choice at their next purchase! The winner will be announced in the first newsletter.

PS-As you can see, changes to the navigation on the left side of the site are being changed! The categories are set-so now I need to go through the pages and move bows from the old pages to their correct pages. Please bare with me as I get them all in the right place! There may be some bows in more than one category, but I would like to narrow it down as much as possible!




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