Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming Soon!

As I thought about adding the new page for the headbands and pony o's, I decided that I would completely redo the navigation on the left side of the Bows2cute site. This should be done soon.

I wanted to try to make it more organized and decided to divide the bows up by size. There will be four main categories: Bows*4*: Newborns, Infants, Tots, and Big Girls. Each category will have bows appropriate for the specific age group, however that is not limiting them from another. If you have a toddler and like clippies, those will be listed in the infants section because of their size. The size category does not effect the clip choices on the bows-all bows will still have multiple clip options appropriate for that bow or clip.

The Holiday bows page will continue to be as it is so all sizes will be together on that page.

I would love feedback once it is up and running! Leave a comment here or contact me!

My main purpose for this is to venture slightly into items for older girls as well (which will start with the headbands and pony o's). The majority of my site is dedicated for my little friends with barely there hair, but I didn't want the others to be lost in the site.




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