Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Baby Snappies!

Rosebud Baby Snappie--Comes in your choice of ribbon from the Ribbon Color Page. Choice of rosebuds are light pink or white at the moment. I had a few other colors that were discontinued and I didn't know it until I received these today, so I will look into replacing those with other options.

Sheer Flower Baby Snappie--Available with white sheer flower now, but will be getting hot pink, but it was on back order. Your choice of ribbon.

These two baby snappies can be found on their own page under the Snappie section soon!

And, the regular Turquoise Flower Snappie now has an updated sheer flower for it and will be updated online soon:



Sara said...

how adorable are those bows! If i was having a girl I would totally pick some up! Just stopping by from Mommy Fest.


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