Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Outfit Matches

I bought these ADORABLE little halter dresses/shirts from Plumtickled. Tonight, I took a picture of each dress and made a button bow out of it.

The pink polka dot is a Lil' Grad bow with a french clip. My daughter's initials are in the center.

The brown/turquoise button is on a snappie clip that I'll use as an accent when her hair is in pigtails.

See? The possibilities are about endless. I am not endorsing the licensed products, but I will show you one I did for her only because we are going to go see Go Diego Go Live on Wednesday. Of course they don't make cute girly things with Diego, so we had to stick with Dora-but I think she'll be there too, so regardless, we'll go in style :) Well...maybe not ME, but at least Brynnley will :)


Mommy Goggles said...

Oh, I love these outfits! The bows are perfect! :)


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