Thursday, January 17, 2008

I have an addiction!

I'm constantly adding new bows! Here's the newest that will be on the site soon! It's a layered Lil' Grad. The size will vary-the base of the bow is in between the Lil' Grad mini and Lil' Grad size, but then it looks a little larger because of the layers. The tails can be shorter-this is just the first one that I did. If you want it as small as possible, let me know when you order. You'll be able to choose a Lil' Grad ribbon for the base, and then up to 3 coordinating colors.


Dallas said...

Ohh...of course you add that after I've ordered. I like that bow. It's on my "next bow to get" list! I also need to get a St. Patty's day bow for Hailey. Looks like I"ll be placing another order soon. ;-)
I keep ya busy!

Jamie said...

Well, apparently you have not gotten your last order then :)


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